Types of System Furniture in Singapore

System furniture is widely used in many offices in Singapore to maximise workspace. It consists of bundles of panels, shelves, work surfaces and other items which allow business owners to save space in the office. System furniture in Singapore comes in different types to cater to the particular needs of the business. So if you are planning to get this type of furniture to furnish your office, you need to decide which style fits the area.

panel systems furniture

There are various designs of system furniture out there designed to fit different working styles. Each style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So to help you decide which style to acquire for your office, here are different types of system furniture and their respective benefits.

Panel System


In panel system furniture, the panel is the structure. It creates focused and personal workstations. All components including desktop and storage can either be hung at intervals along the panel or at the intersections of the panels. Panels

are available in different sizes such as 30”, 36”, and 42”. 


Panel systems are space-saving and create personal space for each employee through the panels. Oftentimes, companies already have an inventory of the panels, so more panels can be integrated easily and quickly. This type of

system furniture is likewise known for its durability, thus it can last for a long time. Employees can use the vertical space to store things or documents, and can adjust the height to suit the needs. 

a set of desking systems furniture for office

Desking System


In a desking system, the desk is the structure. The components are supported by the legs and the desktop of the desk. Desking can provide privacy through the panels that are mounted on the desk surfaces. The storage is usually

mounted either to the side of the desktop or to the desktop while the power is run through the storage components. The desking system features storage components that serve as a divider  or power carrier, which is also known as storage spines. Most of the times, this type of system furniture in Singapore is used together with the panel system.


The desking system has a more of a designed aesthetic where different office furniture pieces and heights generate varied workspace landscape. Using this system furniture, varied work styles are easier to accommodate through different storage and desktop components. The components have lower heights and can be used to create additional area types. And most importantly, the desking type enables workstations and private offices to have a consistent look to them.



This style of system furniture makes use of a long, shared, work surface to connect different workstations. Personal space can be created by adding other pieces of furniture like storage credenzas to separate working area.

Alternatively, employees can also use accessories like lighting, work pads or desktop storage to indicate personal space. Benching can work perfectly well for a variety of office types, but be sure to have private areas for meetings or phone calls.

aesthetic benching systems furniture


Benching components can be employed in meeting rooms, office, collaborative spaces, and others. It is a flexible system for hot-desking or hotelling and has smaller workstation footprint. Unlike other styles, benching system is less complicated to install so it can be set up within a few minutes. If you are interested in this style of system, be sure to find a reliable Singapore system furniture company to make the most of your investment.